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Rules & Regimentation & General Business Terms and Conditions - FAQ about
Payments - Warranty & No Warranty - Domain Name Transfer - Escrow Service

Money Bank Transfer only in EUR with IBAN / BIC / SWIFT.
Buyers have to initiate payment within 4 days of the order date.
We expect to receive the payments "the full amount" after an approved order or after an auction closing day at least in 7 days in our Bank - Moneybookers or PayPal Account!

Payments through Moneybookers or PayPal Account - tell us what you prefer!
After we will send you a requestion for payment by Moneybookers or PayPal!


The Price / Amount includes 19% VAT for all Buyers!

ONLY for Buyers outside Europe (EU) - VAT Refund - More infos about VAT Refund you find here!
Or request with your bid a none charge of VAT if your domicile is outside EU.

Methods of Payment
Moneybookers - PayPal - Payments USD and EUR accepted.
Money Bank Transfer only in EUR with IBAN / BIC / SWIFT.
All kind of any bank and money transfer fees have to be paid by the Buyers
(Moneybookers and PayPal fees are included) !

We (Seller) prefer to receive payments in Euro currency. The exchange rate for USD/EUR will be the daily exchange rate from the Currency Calculator by
Valid date for currency exchange is the order day (GMT + 1.00)

Domain Name Transfer
After we have received the payment - the "full amount" we will forwarding and provide you with
all the necessary informations like Auth Codes etc. for the domain name transfers.

We (Seller) only will give approval for every domain name transfer requestion
if Buyers and Owner Name in the Transaction Request Form is the same!

Please use a working E-Mail address as it will be required to confirm domain name transfers.
Make sure our E-Mail address will be not catched by an used E-Mail spam filter.

Warranty & No Warranty
Seller gives the warranty that he is the owner of the offered domain names.

Any return and withdrawal of domain name purchases are impossibly - explicitly excluded!
Return of domain name purchases are NOT possible!
No return, no refund, no repayment of domain name purchases!

Buyers have to be aware about the special rules and regulations to register
"DE" and "EU" domain names.

For Registration a "DE" domain you need a private or business domicile/address in Germany.
Further information about by
For Registration an "EU" domain you need a private or business domicile/address in Europe.
Further information about by

If you have not - you have to use a domain name escrow service how you can find in the web
and how itīs offered by different domain registrars.
Before you order and buy domains, we recommend to ensure you have a registrar or provider.
Once more - return of purchased domains not possible!

Domain Name Buyers have to be full aware that it is their responsibility to ensure and to check out
that domain names are free from any possible trademark rights and third parties infringements.
We (Seller) give not any warrenty that the domains do not infringe on the trademark rights of third parties rights.

Seller is not responsible for service transit time.
This information is provided by the carrier and excludes weekends and holidays.
Note that transit times may vary in any reasons, particularly during peak periods.

After we have confirmed a Domain Transaction Request the Buyers are full responsible to act promptly and to take over the domain name. We (Seller) give no warranty if a domain name will be lost during transfer. After the domain transfer, the Buyers have to pay the registration fees to their Registrar / Provider for the purchased domain names.

Domain Name Transfer Escrow Service
We accept the Sedo Domain Name Transfer Escrow Service.
All fees for the Sedo Domain Name Transfer Escrow Service have to be paid by the Buyers!
Buyers have to initiate the Sedo Domain Name Transfer Escrow Service by themself.
At least we expect an affirmative notice - official approval by (E-Mail) within
4 days after order date. If you want purchase the portfolio through Sedo - contact us here!

If you are only interested in parts of the domain name portfolio contact us!